Grandmaster Craig HutsonDragon Kido is proud to announce that its Director and Head Instructor, Grandmaster Craig Hutson, celebrated his 50th consecutive year as a martial arts practitioner on August 13, 2023.  For more than five decades, Grandmaster Hutson has trained throughout the United States and in Canada, Korea and Japan.  He has attained the advanced rank of an 8th Dan Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do, a 7th Dan Headmaster in KiMudo, a 6th Dan Senior Master in Kyukido and a 5th Dan Master in both Hapkido & Judo.

Grandmaster Hutson also holds the designation of an Expert Breaking Technician and was recently inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  He has been honored with numerous awards, including Outstanding Contributor, Most Dedicated and Black Belt Man of the Year, and he has won a multitude of trophies from competing in martial arts tournaments, especially in the areas of sparring and forms.

As for professional affiliations, Grandmaster Hutson belongs to an elite fellowship of Senior Black Belt Masters from across the world, the Brotherhood of Martial Artists, or BOMA.  He was an original student of the blended discipline of Kyukido, who assisted in the creation and revision of core curriculum, and he was instrumental in the formation of the North American KiMudo Association--NAKA.  Moreover, Grandmaster Hutson is a member of the World Kido Federation, Han Min Jok Hapkido Association and the United States Judo Association.

In the academic arena, Grandmaster Hutson has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences.  In addition, he is a Domestic Violence Specialist, and he is provisionally certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor too.  Working in this capacity, Grandmaster Hutson's focus is on the importance of emotional sobriety in the overall recovery process.  He has authored a unique book on this topic utilizing the martial arts, entitled "A Pathway to Emotional Sobriety and How to Get It," which may be previewed and ordered from Amazon.com.  His hobbies include biking, weightlifting, playing guitar, construction models and watching comedy shows.  Grandmaster Hutson is also an avid reader and enjoys collecting Asian works of art.

Given his impressive educational credentials, wealth of martial arts experience and charismatic teaching style, Grandmaster Hutson is well respected in the field.  He has continuously taught martial arts since 1976, including eighteen plus years with the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department and eighteen more years at this own academy in South Elgin.  During this time, Grandmaster Hutson has trained countless students--adults, teens and children--many of which, due to his commitment and inspiration, have promoted to the rank of First Degree Black Belts, and beyond, even to the Master level.



Samantha Harville became a Certified Instructor at Dragon Kido Authentic Martial Arts after successfully fulfilling the academy's intensive internship program requirements.  She has been training for over 19 years and has attained Black Belts in several different martial arts disciplines:

  • 5th Dan Black Belt Master in KiMudo;
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do;
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt in Bushido Weaponry;
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kyukido; and
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo.

Master Samantha HarvilleSamantha regularly teaches Dragon Kido's popular class for children, Wong's Warriors, featuring an innovative curriculum she developed which incorporates fun games to build important martial arts skills.  As Captain of the XTRM Demo Team, Sam also coaches academy practices, culminating in dynamic martial arts routines synchronized to music.  In addition, she has created training segments focusing on various aspects of fitness, and often leads fellow Black Belts in high-powered sessions concentrating on advanced techniques.  Given her passion for the Arts, she is quite active in DKAMA events, as well.  Participating in the Black Belt Club's outings and performing Bushido Weaponry demonstrations are two of her favorites.  In fact, at a recent NAKA Tournament, Samantha competed in the Black Belt Division wielding her Bo and won first place, followed by the final elimination round where she was awarded the title of Weapons Grand Champion!

Sam's outside interests include co-piloting recreational airplanes, practicing archery and writing creatively--especially poetry and fictional pieces.  The City of Elgin's Gail Borden Public Library has published nine of her original works.  One of these, her short story entitled "A Hundred Shades of Green," describes her efforts as a nature enthusiast to beautify a neighborhood park along with fellow members of Dragon Kido.  After caring for the grounds for several years as a representative of the school, she and her family permanently adopted the Footprints in Time Park, located in downtown South Elgin, on the corner of State Street and Route 31. 

Young Eagles RallyAs for academics, Samantha achieved a 4.0 cumulative GPA in Aurora University's accelerated 3+2 Dual Degree Program.  Upon graduating, she was conferred a Bachelor's in Exercise Science Summa Cum Laude, coupled with a Master's in Athletic Training.  Shortly thereafter, Sam passed the national BOC examination, earning the credential of a Certified Athletic Trainer--ATC, and became licensed by the State of Illinois.  Samantha holds additional certification from the American Red Cross for advanced training in Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Professionals & First Responders.

Through her affiliation with the EAA, Samantha also plans to pursue studies in the field of aviation to acquire her pilot's license.  To read more about her aerial adventures, check out the article she wrote as a contributing author for the online Sporty's Flight Training Central magazine, entitled "Reaching New Heights."

Of course, as a dedicated martial artist, Sam is committed to continuing her training, and she looks forward to expanding her role as an academy instructor too.  Along with teaching private and semi-private lessons, she specializes in performance enhancement coaching and runs a Martial Arts Unleashed Series, which includes Weapons in the Wild Workshops & outdoor fitness challenges.

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